Online Meditation Courses – How Nature Can Help You Be Fit?

Nowadays, enjoying nature is considered one of life’s simple pleasures. Walking on the wet grass with bare feet, lying under a shaded tree on a sunny morning, or windy weather in the lavender fields can all benefit us in different ways. We all have access to great outdoor environments, whether in a crowded city or a farm, which is why being on the move is so beneficial. Multiple studies have suggested that walking in outdoor environments positively impacts our mental and physical health and brings us a greater sense of happiness. 

Mindfulness can enhance our time spent outdoors and remind us of our interconnectedness as a human. Meditation experts say we are all connected in our lives, not just the people but also to our surroundings. 200-500 people practice meditation worldwide. We will not feel alone if we keep mindful of this. The fact that we are never alone will bring us a sense of peace, contentment, and love on the good days. The ability to fight life's challenges can be cultivated on bad days. 

Why Outdoor Environments are a Benefit to the Mind, Body & Soul?

After stepping outside in the fresh air and taking a deep breath, many of us feel a sense of calm pass through us. It turns out that taking a deep breath of fresh air possesses multiple benefits on our health than we would have ever thought of. A walk in the park surrounded by greenery has been shown to alleviate stress levels significantly. A study on 100k nurses in the US found that individuals living near or in greener areas suffered less than a 12% mortality rate than those who did not. 

When we are out in nature, we have the opportunity to slow our minds down and bring our attention to what we are actively experiencing. Our ability to focus and reduce stress can be achieved even when not sitting in a quiet place. Instead of wandering aimlessly through life, individuals need to cultivate habits of being mindful of their immediate surroundings and how it affects their mood, thoughts, and physical well-being. Overall, we will feel more attuned to the environment around us because when we create conditions for a new connection with life, that is when we understand we are not separate in essence. 

4 Outdoor activities and Their Advantages on our Health

Meditation has no qualifications. People who meditate don't need to fit common stereotypes about those who practice it, such as being flexible, strong, or cliché. All a person needs to be themselves to meditate successfully, and meditation will take care of the rest. 

  1. Walking 

A study suggests that a step further towards improving our physical health, such as taking a brisk walk, helps lower our stress levels. Walking meditation can allow us to synchronize our mind and body to be more aware. 

  1. Running 

It's surprising how much running and meditation have in common, both rely on repetition to make them more effective and beneficial. Evidence suggests that we use different body parts when we run outside than when we run on a treadmill. For both our body and mind, running outside in the open air and under the sky is a great way to stay fit. Running outside forces us to focus on our next steps and obstacles in our way rather than keep us demotivated. 

  1. Gardening 

Spending time outside doesn't always have to be limited to physical activity if you want to reap the benefits. Another way to focus our attention can improve our health through what we are seeing is mindful gardening. Gardening showers advantages of beauty, change, and growth. Taking care of the garden and its plants and trees is a way of feeling grateful. 

  1. Forest Bathing

Did you know that soaking up the essence of our surroundings, especially when many trees surround us, can positively affect our overall well-being? Forest bathing is a commonly used term coined in 1982 to absorb the surrounding atmosphere when in a forest. Meditation experts recommend a minimum of 2 hours of forest bathing to reap the full benefits. 

Many Japanese doctors recommend forest bathing to lower blood pressure and pulse rate and increase cortisol concentrations. To benefit from this, individuals do not need to go on long drives; even lying on the grass, planting their feet in the dirt, or sitting next to a tree is enough to bring calming effects. 

The Connection of Meditation With Nature

Our body syncs with the earth’s natural vibrations when we sit on the ground. It helps us relieve stress and bring great peace and harmony. Even if we feel that our stress takes the good from us, our senses become heightened, and our hearing improves. Additionally, our skin receptors become more sensitive and feel the calming surrounding being absorbed into our body through our skins. In fact, these heightened sensations allow us to be more in sync with nature. 

Key Takeaways 

Discovering one's inner self and observing incoming ideas with an attitude of non judgment are two primary goals of meditation. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about becoming an expert at turning off one's mind. Individuals can now access various classes that enable them to appreciate the advantages of nature meditation fully. They are adaptable to one's regular routines and practices and help individuals be more consistent. Nature meditations are more enjoyable because it is mostly what individuals enjoy rather than become a little bored of. 

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