Refund policy

At Azredes we provide a 2-month return policy to our clients. We at Azredes cannot offer a refund to any of our clients if it is over 60 days since the purchase of a product, but we do offer an exchange. The online access code provided by the company should be intact if you want to receive any refund or replacement from us.


After you send us an application that you want a refund we will inform you via email that we have received your refund application and we will get back to you after processing the application. At Azredes we consider it our duty that after processing the refund application we inform the applicant if we are moving forward with their application or not. Upon approval, a refund will be given and the money will be reimbursed into the bank account or returned within the next 15 business days.

If due to any reason you do not receive a reimbursement even after 14 days you should contact the bank whose credit or debit card you have used to purchase the course or product. If you do not receive your funds even after following all the required steps you can always contact us. All the required information is provided on the contact us page.

Sale Products

You cannot receive a refund for a product that was purchased while that product was on sale. Only regular-priced products can be refunded.

Exchanges(If Applicable)

If your digital access card is broken or somehow damaged you can get it exchanged. You just have to email our team at the given email address and we will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.


You will get an email with a digital coupon for the amount of your refund if the product was labeled as a present/gift when it was ordered and shipped out. It's worth noting that the digital voucher is only valid if the merchandise is returned undamaged and unused. If the product is not listed as a present and the present giver has received the email at his email address to deliver it to you later, the giver will receive a refund.

How to Make a Cancellation

Students should contact the Azredes team at the provided email address if they want to withdraw from any course. In the email, the students should explain the reasons for withdrawing from the course and they should provide valid reasons for the cancellation.

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