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At Azredes we consider you a very important member of our family. It does not matter if you are just a guest at our website or a regular user we respect your privacy. Our IT team takes all the necessary measures known to protect your private data and makes sure that your privacy is not breached. A person can easily access Azredes's website by using a mobile phone, a desktop computer, a laptop, or any other device that can be used for accessing a website. The privacy policy will apply no matter what type of device or mode of access you use to access our website. The data submitted by anyone is used by Azredes to improve the quality of our services. We comply with the American Privacy Policy terms and take all the safety and precautionary measures to protect your private data from any kind of breach. The company takes full responsibility for the data that anyone shares with us and we do not share the data with any person or company under any circumstances.

The Data We Collect:

We collect a small amount of data every time someone visits our website. It includes

Your Personal Information:

Only you can provide us with your personal information when you visit our website. Your first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, and IP addresses are all examples of the personal information that we collect. We at Azredes want to make it clear to our users that you do not have to submit all of your personal information, but you must supply all of the fundamental information required to complete the transaction in the event of a bank transaction. In such a case, if you do not give us the required information we will not be able to move forward with your transaction request.

Your Data Usage:

At Azredes, we use different AI tools and cookies that automatically collect some of your data of how and when you have accessed our website, how many pages have you visited on our website, how much time have you spent on our website, which browser have you used to access our website and from which part of the globe have you visited our website(Means the country). We can assure you that we do not share any information with anyone that is not consistent with our privacy policy.

How We “Collect” Your Personal Information:

At Azredes, we can only collect your personal information and data, if and when you visit our website, participate in surveys and campaigns or fill out a form in which you are requesting something from our team.

At Azredes, we collect information in different ways that include the way a person is using and visiting our website. When you visit our website, our server records your IP address, the page you wished to see (the URL), and any other information you enter into the HTTP search box. When someone searches for anything on our website, a proprietary algorithm automatically displays related results and titles. Some third-party service providers on our website may also ask you for personal information in order to use their services. It should be mentioned that you will be providing your personal information willingly if you do so. They may share your personal information with us after you freely share it with them, which will be guarded by their website's privacy policy and will not come under ours. The third-party service provider's privacy policy, not this privacy policy, will define and protect the data they provide us and how we utilize it. We can only guarantee complete privacy when it comes to the services supplied by our website, not the service providers.


A cookie can be defined as a data file stored on your web browser or your mobile phone. The cookies allow a website to recognize a person or a device whenever they visit a particular website by connecting it with the other data that you have provided to a website like your user name. These types of cookies help us offer you with the best possible service. Some cookies are only stored on your phone or computer for the duration of your visit to our site, while others are stored on your hard drive and must be manually deleted. You may use your computer or mobile phone to restrict the kind of cookies that your device accepts, but restricting cookies may impair the website's operation as well as the services that we at Azredes provide.

Third-party service providers on our website may employ "Flash Cookies," which are kept on your device and cannot be limited, rejected, deleted, or disabled in the same way that ordinary cookies may. Anyone who wants to manage these Flash cookies has to visit the Flash player settings page on Adobe’s website.

How We “Use Your” Personal Information:

The personal information and data that you provide us is used for the following purposes:
To have a better understanding of how people use the material provided on our website
To make the customer experience better
To be able to react to your questions and requests as soon as possible
To enhance and improve our website and its services, as well as to improve customer service.
To share your information with third parties with whom you have consented to share it; to publish relevant material on our website; and to promote a product
To deliver you material that our system has identified as being of interest to you.
We'd like to send you emails about company news, website upgrades, and new goods. If you want to unsubscribe from this service at any time, we give comprehensive instructions at the bottom of each email.

How We Share Your Personal Information:

We use your personal information to request other websites to send you emails and advertisements about new features and services they offer. This data can also be shared in order to address any of your questions and inquiries. Under the following conditions, we may disclose the information we collect from you:

Service Providers: Azredes may share your personal information with third-party service providers that are our affiliates and offer services on our behalf. These are the service providers with whom we work to supply both services and data. These third-party affiliates may have access to your personal data while providing us with services. This access will be in accordance with our agreement's privacy policy and terms and conditions. Companies are also urged to take all necessary precautions to protect your personal information and to ensure that the information's confidentiality is maintained.
Asset Transfers: If Azredes as a company is involved in a merger, an acquisition, or a sale of the firm as a whole, the data that was obtained from you will be part of the assets that are transferred. If the firm is involved in such a circumstance, we will notify you using all available modes of contact. A notification on the website or in the application, as well as an email, will be used to tell you.
Protection of Rights: We may share your personal information if we have a good faith belief that (i) the action is necessary to execute and enforce the agreement and terms and conditions of any agreement between the site, including an investigation of breaches if any. (ii) The action is required to prevent any security-related issues with the website, such as a type of fraud. (iii) The action is necessary to safeguard the property, safety, rights, or privacy of anyone who are connected to the website in any way, including users, workers, and others. (iv) If we have complete faith that such action is necessary to cater any new law that is applicable on the terms and conditions, a subpoena is issued by a court, the law enforcement agencies ask, or other agencies of government request to do so.

Azredes can also disclose your personal information:

If the company believes it is essential to enforce internal regulations or defend our website, we will do so.
To our third-party affiliates for the purpose of marketing or, at our discretion, to enforce any other legal procedure. If any of our users are from the European Union, we will send them an email requesting their permission and consent.
To our affiliates on the condition that they do not reveal your personal information in any way that might jeopardize our agreement's terms and conditions.
And, if disclosure is required, to a third party with your consent.

Third Party Websites:

The essential data can only be used and collected by third-party affiliates or third-party websites to the extent that it permits them to provide you with services on our behalf. You are not covered by the legislation, terms and conditions, or privacy policy of this website after you click on the third-website party's link and visit that website. It's worth remembering that various third-party websites and service providers are based in different regions of the world and are subject to different laws than you and us. If you wish to proceed with a transaction, you must follow the laws of the state where the third-facility party is situated. In this case, our information will also become subject to the jurisdiction of the law of that state.

Social Media Websites:

Azredes collaborates with a variety of third parties, including social networking platforms. We provide them access to our website in order to generate interest in the product among our website's visitors. It also allows you to share the product with your social media network of friends and coworkers. If you utilize a function on our website that is offered by a third-party affiliate, that third-party affiliate may acquire your personal information. Your information that the third-party affiliate collects from you to publish is deemed public information since it has been made available by the third-party. If you believe the data they are collecting is infringing on your privacy, you must independently ask the social networking sites not to access your personal information. Azredes is not responsible for how social networking sites utilize the information they gather from you. You should evaluate your social media sites' privacy settings and policies to see what and how they use the information they gather about you.


A link or a list of third-party products and services may be provided on the website. The website has no responsibility over the things listed on third-party websites in terms of quality, quantity, safety, or legality. Azredes also does not guarantee the product's correctness or the provider's ability to sell the listed product.

How We “Protect” Your Information:

Azredes takes all the required precautions while collecting, storing, and processing data. We take all necessary precautions to safeguard and secure your data against unauthorized access, modification, or destruction. Your user name, password, transaction details, and all of your personal information are among the data we safeguard. The data communicated between the site and the user takes place across a secure socket layer (SSL) connection that is fully secured. The information you give is stored on highly secure servers in several locations across the world. To secure the information you supply, we employ all essential safeguards, such as encryption and firewalls. Even if all required precautions are taken, the data being communicated cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure. If any type of data is hacked and violated, we guarantee that we will take all required steps and notify you by email or other social media platforms. In such cases, we promise that an inquiry will be conducted in accordance with the law and regulations.

Data Retention:

If you are an Azredes customer, we will keep your information for as long as you use our services. We may keep your personal information even after you delete your account to comply with the privacy policy's terms and conditions. This information is only kept for the purpose of monitoring, detecting, and preventing fraud. Your personal information may be kept on file solely to comply with our financial reporting and tax filings. Contractual responsibilities also necessitate the data of all transactions and payments. We keep your information in accordance with the law's record-keeping requirement.

Rights Under the General Data Protection Regulation:

If you live in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you have the following rights regarding the protection of your personal data:
Right to Access: You have the right to view your personal information.
Right to Correction: If you discover that any element of your personal information is wrong, you have the right to request that it be corrected as soon as possible.
Right of Erasure: You have the right to have your personal data erased if you believe it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained.
The Right Portability: You have the right to data portability, which means you may move your information from one company to another.
Withdrawing Consent: The procedure by which we handle your data is dependent on the consent you have granted us to process the data in question. It should be noted that if you cancel your consent at any time, it will have no legal impact on our processing of your data before you retracted consent.

You can email us if you want to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights. Please be aware that we may be obligated by law to keep certain of your personal information. You also have the right to report data breaches to local authorities.

Children’s Information:

We absolutely prohibit children under the age of 16 from submitting any data, including personal information. We also do not recommend that youngsters under the age of 16 change their passwords to access this site or any other site.

Changes in this Privacy Statement:

This privacy policy is a component of the terms and conditions for using Azredes' website, and you agree to abide by them. Azredes maintains the right to change its privacy policy at any moment, and if we do, we will make all relevant information available on the website's pages. We may also make changes to the privacy policy without informing you, therefore we recommend that you review it on a regular basis. If you continue to use our website after we make changes to our privacy policy, you are agreeing to the new terms.

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