Yoga for your arms, legs and more

Yoga for your arms, legs and more


What is Required From The Students?

Commitment Passion to learn

The Habit of hard work

Healthy eating lifestyle

Drive to get out of the comfort zone

Materials: yoga mat, comfortable clothes, and firm blocks.

Course Description

This Azredes course has been curated to guide you through a dynamic sequence of yoga practices, ranging from energizing flows to restorative poses. With a blend of strength-building asanas and mindfulness techniques, you’ll cultivate a deeper connection to your body and breath, enhancing flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. Each powerful ladder flow begins
with a series of strong poses, then adds more complex and creative movements to the
sequence to amp up the intensity. You’ll build heat through continuous movement, high-energy
repetitions, arm balances, and inversions for a full-body burn in a short period of time. This is the
sweaty, invigorating practice you’ve been looking for — prepare to get your heart rate up, feel
strong in your body, and drop into the flow.
In this series, you will:
– Strengthen, stretch, and tone your body over the sessions
– Flow through creative transitions and powerful poses
– Improve your body awareness and control

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